White Lung: Snake Jaw

We premiere their ferocious new song, and talk to frontwoman Mish Way about writing, body image, and how boyfriends can fuck with your creativity. By Liz Armstrong.
true detective

This is an actual real statute on Mexico Puerto Vallarta amazing and real.
rih <3

Anonymous asked: What makes you the most happy in life? And if you were stranded on a dessert island, what three things would you bring?

What makes me happiest is probably when people ask me questions about things I’m good at, like skincare, and actually listen. It’s really hard to change people’s ideas that have been planted by evil marketing and beauty magazines trying to sell things and when I can see that changing I am ecstatic. 

And to a desert island if it could be any thing, entirely hypothetically I would like to assume there are lots of coconuts so I already have unlimited coconut oil so I would bring

1. Sunscreen that doesn’t make me break out,

2. A super cute bikini with some actual support so I could go for runs or something, I am picturing one by minimal animale cause maybe desert island me has $200 to spend on a bikini

3. The entire Spotify music catalogue, I just love music and I’m not sure how it would work but I could become sooooo knowledgeable and appreciative if that were all I had to do! Let’s say the US or UK version cause we don’t get everything on spotify australia unfortunately.

vogue australia by sebastian kim
emma hartvig